Don't Let This Be You

My 18 years on the bench as a Caddo District Judge notwithstanding, I am especially proud of the “in-your-face” ‘teen crime-prevention program’ I designed, titled: ”Don’t Let This Be You”. I began teaching this program early in 2007 with the help of Caddo Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Ron Stamps, and Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator at the Caddo Correctional Center, in Shreveport, Louisiana. Recently Ron’s brother, Herbert Stamps has joined us on this project. It is a prevention through education and power of choice program.

We’ve taught “Don’t Let This Be You” more than 100 times in the past year, with our #1 goal: to illustrate that serious legal consequences can result from of a teenager’s criminal behavior.

Following the 75 minute PowerPoint Presentation, many parents shook my hand and commented “…this is what my child needed to see and hear.” This part covered legal concepts and consequences of criminal behavior that all teenagers should know, with a specific focus on the law regarding possession of drugs and “spin-off” crimes related to drug addiction.

The PowerPoint presentation also re-enforces the law regarding teenage sex & its legal consequences. (which may include paternity, child support, & more)

“Don’t Let This Be You” also illustrates numerous examples of local cases, now adjudicated and final, which evidence the very real and serious consequences of criminal behavior.

The second part includes a tour of the housing units at Caddo Correctional Center, where teens and their parents will see- and hear from, inmates at CCC. (the tour is escorted & monitored by Caddo Parish Deputies) You may watch a video prepared by the Shreveport Optimists Club by clicking here.

For free registration for this class at Caddo Correctional Center, call Andrea Samuel at the Caddo Sheriff’s Training Academy: 318-681-0735.

Additionally, I’m willing to make this presentation to church, civic, or school groups in their own facility or auditorium, at no charge. To schedule a program, for your organization or civic group, you are asked to call Leigh Anne Robicheaux in my office: 318-226-6818.

Click here to watch the "Don't Let This Be You" Video

Last Modified: September 16, 2010

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